LAIBON is a one - in - all secured platform that helps companies to manage and monitor AGM from Registration , Voting (both online and offline) and Tele-Conferencing.

Physical Meetings
Physical meetings

A complete solution for members attending the conference at one or multiple locations

Virtual Meeting
Virtual meeting

Seamless & Interactive experience for members who are attending online through our in-built video conferencing solution. They are able to interact the same way as those attending physically

Hybrid Meetings
Hybrid meetings

Our platform is also able to engage members bothphysically and virtually at the same time.


With the power of AI , the platform is able to perform voting withsimple feeding of information. Each candidate or category for voting is fully customizable from thedashboard.

Registration / Attendance
Registration & Attendance

Multiple options available as part of pre-registration, On-site registration & attendancemonitoring using our hardware and software


These are attendees who are shareholders and will solely be responsible for casting votes. They will have to enter their unique CDS number to get the process started.
Shareholder Proxy
These are shareholders and also represent other shareholders on their behalf and are able to vote with their consent. They will register with their unique CDS number and also add CDS of the shareholders they are representing
Non-Shareholder Proxy
These are attendees who are not shareholders of the company but will represent another shareholder. For this category our system will generate a special token to be able to register and attend the event. During registration , Proxy will be added and system will be clear on who this person representing.
This group are invited in special cases and do not hold any voting rights, hence they will be given a unique token for registration.


Our interactive dashboard allows the Admin to be able to do the following

Upload list of shareholders

On-Site registration of Non - Shareholder Proxy & Guests

Initiate list of nominees for voting

Control video conferencing

Add / Remove User

Initiate sessions for registration

Access to all reports


Control all your hardware from the platform ( Camera Zoom, Camera Tilt, External Microphone and Speaker Volume)

Registered users are be able to listen/watch meeting using below scoped medias:

  • Website/Internet
  • Mobile phones and all digital gadgets

The conferencing facility is capable of centrally controlling

  • Chat comments
  • Audio, Video
  • Screen sharing
  • Blocking users
  • Terminating sessions
  • Initiating votes
  • Closing meeting / voting sessions

Conferencing facility is also capable of recording meeting proceedings

It is also capable of displaying on screen the registration status and election results

Our platform is also able to connect external PA system and video equipments

Voting main



We shall provide digital kiosks for on-site voting

Shareholders will also be able to login and vote using their CDS into the weblink / 3rd party app or Laibon App.


The system also allows online registered Shareholders to vote

The system is capable of only displaying the required voting resolutions one at a time

The system is also capable of identifying double registration by validating shareholder CDS number.

electionOrdinary ResolutionIndependent DirectorBoard Director representingshareholders below 1%Board Director representing shareholders between 1% and 10%-TYPES OFELECTIONS


Reporting main


  • Registration Reports

  • Voting Reports

  • Report of Uploaded Register

  • Audit Trail Report


Registration Report (include CDS Account, Mobile Number, Shareholder name, status i.e. if is a shareholder or proxy)

  • Online Registration

  • On-site registration

  • Attendance of Shareholders below 1%

  • Attendance of Shareholders between 1% & 10%

  • Attendance of Shareholders Above 10%

  • List of represented shareholder

  • Proxy Registration


  • Number of Shareholders registered

  • Number of Shares registered

  • Total share capital

  • Percentage number of shares

  • Non Shareholder registered

  • ShareholderProxy registered

  • Guests registered

The system shall be capable showing number of shareholders who voted Online & On-site


Below are the voting reports that the system is capable of extracting

  • Voting result on each resolution

  • Individual resolution voting results

  • Individual candidate vote

  • Candidate voting result