Electronic Development

We have a special focus on producing next-generation products embedded system design with a wide variety of end-market applications in mobile phones, portable consumer electronics, and personal computing, Imperial Innovations is committed to taking Tanzania’s tech and development industry to the forefront of Africa’s booming technological sector.

PCB design

PCB Design & Prototyping

We design printed circuit board for variety of electronic systems. The board is able to handle digital and analog signals of high speed without interference. The circuit board is designed using well known CAD software like Eangle. The circuit is simulated to look for the mistakes made during the designing process. Then we manufacture and test the board to be ready for the use. We can receive a design from a customer or create our own from the scratch.

Mobile app development

Power Electronics

We create circuit for power electronics embedded within a printed circuit board or as a single unit to power the external devices. We make sure the power given by the circuit is stable and can provide requirements for the targeted device. With the great skills of current control and the ability to dissipate heat, we make the circuits that last for a long period of time without failure of break down.

Embedded hardware

Embedded Hardware Development

We use a variety types of microcontrollers to build embedded systems that can be used for variety tasks like wireless control and automation. We make sure the system consume a little power as possible to reduce the electricity consumption or fast discharge of batteries if the system uses the battery. The systems we make have quick response, and can communicate data over the wide range of area.