Mobile device management

Our client approached us to provide an end-to-end digitized solution for their teachers to mark exam papers


  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Machine Learning (ML)
  • Internet of Things (IoT)


  • Location tracking of the tablets
  • Security during marking – Ensuring the right teacher is marking the papers
  • Timing – Being unable to track what time is the teacher marking the papers
  • Performance – How active and focused the teacher is during marking
  • Assistance – Ensuring the teacher is not being assisted by anyone else
  • Device – A perfect hardware that would be affordable , have a docking station making it easy operating with no charging cables
  • Device Control – Not being able to control the device



We designed and prototyped a tablet that solved their problems. This special tablet comes with a docking station that has wireless magnetic charging.

With an excellent 30 degree angle, the user did not require to hold the tablet, and with such a perfect angle being tired was out of question

Software - User Side

We developed a complete AI and ML based software which has the following flow

During the login , the user would have to go through two types of authentication

  • Facial recognition – The user would be required do a facial scan to login
  • Finger print scanning, once the facial was done, the user would be required to do a finger print scan

Once logged in the tablet will

  • Anonymously scan for the face every 3s. If the user has changed or not been seen for the next 5s, the session will be terminated and the user will be required to login again
  • Prompt for finger print scan every 15Minutes (or however setup by the supervisor
  • Emotion Scanning - The camera during the scan will also scan for emotions and look for emotions such as – fatigue/tired, sleeping, yawning – any expression that will confirm that the teacher was not focused
Software - Admin Side

On the back end, the client was able to do the following

  • Assign / Revoke device to specific user
  • Extract detailed report of performances of teachers during marking sessions
  • Restart / Shut down sessions remotely
  • Train face and finger prints for each user and add them to the system
  • Assign sessions (time and date) for teachers
PUBLISHED: February 18, 2022
CATEGORY: Projects / Content Management

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  1. Pablo Villalpando
    2 Days ago

    Hello, I'm so grateful for your service.

  • Pablo Villalpando
    Murtaza Ebrahim
    2 Days ago

    You're welcome, we are happy to hear from you.

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