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We were briefed by our client in the beverage sector that they had a huge challenge monitoring their refrigerators which they gave for free to their customers


  • Location Monitoring – Once the cooler was the customer, it was tough monitoring its location and whereabouts, the company incurred a yearly loss of $500,000 on lost coolers
  • Maintaining correct temperature – Most of the times beverages served were not cold, hence drop in sales
  • Tracking sales – The weren’t able to track in the cooler was used to store their product or competitors
  • Power cut off- Most of the time the customer would switch off the cooler to save on power bill
  • Humidity – Tracking how humid the place was where the products were stored
  • Tracking on maintenance – The customer would not inform the company and wait until the cooler is completely faulty
  • Light intensity – It is very key for the product owner to display their products, visibility here was the key, they were unable to monitor if the light intensity was correct and if it was switched on



Our team brainstormed and designed a complete revolutionary device that solved all their problems. This IoT device would give the client detailed information about their cooler, be able to closely monitor performance of each cooler and be able to provide maintenance on timely manner.

Battery life – We designed a powerful power system that enabled the device to keep sending data up to 24 hours without power.


Android and Web Software were developed for monitoring these devices, The software has detailed dashboard that allows the client to monitor all their devices in real time.

The software is able to provide the following information:

  • Track refrigerators location
  • Light intensity in the refrigerator
  • Outside and inside temperature (to know if the customers are served with cold drinks)
  • How many times was the door opened (to track sales)
  • Humidity
  • How many times and for how long was the fridge switched off
PUBLISHED: February 18, 2022
CATEGORY: Projects / IoT

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    2 Days ago

    Hello, I'm so grateful for your service.

  • Pablo Villalpando
    Murtaza Ebrahim
    2 Days ago

    You're welcome, we are happy to hear from you.

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