Corporate events are business drivers these days, huge events such as the AGM which has over 5,000 attendees need efficient pre and during the event registration process, especially during the pandemic where social distancing is important.


  • Confirmation of attendees for the event
  • Registering guests at event in the shortest time possible



Our team designed a full interactive kiosks with a barcode scanner, with in 2s the system captures the QR code, confirms the guest by displaying his / her name with a welcome note.

Software - Client Side

The customer was given a link to our system and they were required to register with their credentials. Once in the dashboard, they would have to initiate an event and give it a name.

Upload the invitation artwork, initiate a form which will have questions the client needs to ask the invitees (Data Harvest – Name, Number, Email , Company Name, designation etc) and submit

Soon after submission, system generates a link that is supposed to be shared with the attendees. The Client is also able to extract detailed reports on who has confirmed for the event and who actually attended and at what time.

Software - User Side (Attendees)

The client then shares the link with the guests, the guests have to open the link and register for the event. The user will be required to enter their details and submit the form. Soon after submission they will receive their E-Invite with a unique QR code.

Once they arrive at the event, they would have to scan the QR code to confirm their presence.

PUBLISHED: February 18, 2022
CATEGORY: Projects / Content Management

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  1. Pablo Villalpando
    2 Days ago

    Hello, I'm so grateful for your service.

  • Pablo Villalpando
    Murtaza Ebrahim
    2 Days ago

    You're welcome, we are happy to hear from you.

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